By John Larson for the Tacoma Weekly

"Drunk As Usual is a classic American hard rock band. They play loud. They have fun. Their music doesn't push a political agenda or seek the meaning of life. They have a blue-collar mentality that fits a band from Tacoma."


By Matt Driscoll TacomaReporter

"What do you get when you mix large amounts of alcohol, a love for half-naked women and an overall desire to have a good time? If you said the makings of an awesome girls-gone-wild video your right, but it just so happens it's also the formula for Tacoma's own Drunk As Usual."

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By Ellen Ross The Challenger

"Tacoma based band Drunk as Usual (DAU) could be the gateway drug to local Heavy Metal. They are the number one band for the third week on Seattle based and are on the verge of releasing their debut album 'We'll name it When We're Sober.'"


Fans and performers

For the love of whipping a crowd int a frenzy!

DAU has performed with several national talents including but not limited to, Dee Dee Ramone, Markie Ramone, Faster Pussy Cat, Zeke, Hells Belles, Gruntruck, and Iron Maidens just to name a few.



We present you our Second. Sunny Day.

We present you our first. A somewhat depressing ballad of a drunk that has hit bottom known simply as 'Wisdom'.

This band has one of the best schichts I have seen in a long time. There is not one single serious lyric on the whole album (except the somewhat depressing ballad of a drunk that has hit bottom known simply as 'Wisdom). No messages they want to enlighten you with. No army's on horseback wielding mighty swords ready to thwart their foe. This is music about drinking, for drinking, & made by people that are probably drinking right now as you read this! This band wears the tag of "Drunk losers" with pride and I support their cause with every sip.




PO Box 2652

Gig Harbor, WA 98335